New website!


New website!

This is a picture of a bunch of wet tires. Look at all the different patterns! Visit my new website:



Here are a few photos from my graduation show a few weeks ago.  I haven’t graduated yet, but each undergrad in their fourth year gets one show and mine was scheduled early in the semester. There were five paintings in total, two of which were white 8’x 6′ canvases and three that were 5’x 5′.  Each painting is a conglomeration of a series of patterns of chewing gum that have been spit on the sidewalk. The goal of the project was to create a formula which when completed would produce interesting formal compositions without any decision making on the part of the artist. This kind of process is common within the practice of conceptual art, but the fact that I included such seductive, traditionally oriented objects in the show distanced this work from the anti aesthetic sentiments of most conceptual artists. (You can read about this here and here)


7″x 7″  Compressed charcoal and gesso on plywood

I made some art!  It’s been long enough.  This was on a hot sunny morning while everyone and their dog was out walking each other.   I like how the active sky dominates the foreground and draws your eye away form the subject of the drawing.   Guess what the best tool is for applying paint like this.   My finger! 


4’x 5′ Acrylic and charcoal on unprimed, unstretched canvas.

What is Canada but a giant weather forecast?

Here is the second of three final paintings for this semester. This one changed a lot from start to finish and was met with a lot of interesting criticism along the way. I think a painting like this immediately appears to be unfinished because of its lack of colour, especially when parts of it like the helicopter could easily be green, yellow or red.  The combination of the semi abstracted landscape and the fairly realistic helicopter is something that I have never really done before and I think I like how it turned out.  I feel like it provides enough content to direct the viewers thoughts in a certain direction, but leaves room for the mind to wander. In any case, it was an easy palette to manage.

Oil and acrylic on canvas  4’3″x 4’3″

This was a mid term project that I never uploaded because I didn’t really like it.  I still don’t like it much but I’m going to roll it up soon so I thought I would at least put it up here. It is supposed to be a response to a book that had an impression on me as a child, but I have never been one for interpretive work and I don’t think it is very successful. The most interesting part for me is the raw canvas border around the edge that sort of makes it look like it is a stretched animal skin or something.

8’x 6′     Acrylic on canvas

The arrangement of dots here is taken from photos of gum on the sidewalk outside a local bar. I used information from four adjacent blocks of sidewalk and gridded them onto the painting one by one using black paint. In between blocks I lay down a coat of thinned white paint so that the finished painting would have a variety of shades of grey. The size of the canvas was determined by the proportions of the four blocks that I was working from.

Here are a few of the blocks.