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A White Bird


I am currently working on an independent study that in which I am making a bunch of these wooden birds.  They are made out of two pieces of pine and are carved, sliced and then folded. The idea to work with them came to me as I was reading an essay by John Berger  which talks about how […]

  I found a bucket of old rusty stamp cut wedge nails and played with them for a while this morning. This form was fairly easy to think of and simple to construct as the weight of the nails hold the structure together. The idea of this sculpture sort of follows the work of Richard […]

Four Rocks


The idea behind this sculpture is that it sort of hides from you, and requires close inspection to really see. The mirrors are set up in such a way that they seem to be transparent and makes it look like there are four objects in the center. As you walk around, other objects are revealed […]

972 Strides


This is a project where I created a rope by twisting twine. The piece is titled after the number of strides I took while measuring out the twine. There should be 972 stands of twine in this rope which measures the length of one of my strides.

This is one of my final projects in it’s current state. It’s just under two feet now. Question: How high should I go?

This is a photo of my modular sculpture for intro. sculpture. There are six modules made of three panes of reflective glass each. I think it is interesting how when the modules are arranged like this, they suggest a structure that extends into the floor.  It is hard to get a sense of this from […]

  So. This is a printing press which I designed and constructed in the metal shop. I have tried it out and it does work (to my great surprise). I built the press because I often end up wanting to make a print which requires a press and I don’t like being limited when it […]