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Nude Beach Bag


One of the biggest problems that art school students face is what to do with old paintings that no one wants. It would be a shame to throw them away because they were a lot of work, but they also take up a lot of room and aren’t quite good enough to hang on a […]

This is my final two week painting for my figure painting class.  This canvas is about 2.5 by 3.5 feet. I went a little too orange in places, but besides that I am pretty happy with this painting.

These are half finished figure paintings from a two day session.  I like the way that the old paintings I was covering are showing through. These are much more interesting to me than the finished versions because they show process and include the gesture of the under drawing.

More Models


Here are a whole bunch of model paintings from weeks past. Some are better than others. All of them are oil on either paper or board.  

The two lower studies were half an hour long, and the top one was for an hour. They are all oil on 24’x36′ gessoed mayfair.

These two studies are probably around 8 by 5 inches. They were just quick studies done on our first day of figure painting class.  I think they are pretty decent.

24 by 30 inches, oil on canvas This is a reproduction of a Euan Uglow painting. I did this painting before my final drawing project. You might be able to see the influence it had on the drawing’s composition.