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New website!


This is a picture of a bunch of wet tires. Look at all the different patterns! Visit my new website: Advertisements

Here are a few photos from my graduation show a few weeks ago.  I haven’t graduated yet, but each undergrad in their fourth year gets one show and mine was scheduled early in the semester. There were five paintings in total, two of which were white 8’x 6′ canvases and three that were 5’x 5′. […]

7″x 7″  Compressed charcoal and gesso on plywood I made some art!  It’s been long enough.  This was on a hot sunny morning while everyone and their dog was out walking each other.   I like how the active sky dominates the foreground and draws your eye away form the subject of the drawing.   […]

On Snow Days


  Last winter I took a series of pictures of people scrambling to dig themselves out the morning after a significant snowfall. I have been thinking about a painting that would borrow subjects from these photos and that would investigate the occurrence of a snow day. As a child, snow days were a huge part […]

Pigeons are pretty sweet, which is why I am really excited about The Pigeon Project which Morag Schonken is doing down on Granville street in a little window gallery.  Everybody should go down and check it out (and see my painting) before the middle of august when it ends. Also, if you have a story that involves […]

Fort Sketch


I went down to the Cambridge Battery this morning to sketch some fun stuff.  It was the first time I have seen the restorations that have kept the forts fenced off for quite a long time. Although they are quite manicured,  the changes seem to make the space much more usable and historically  relevant. The […]

Pigeons Again


Busy day today. I decided to finish this painting once and for all. The biggest alteration was the asphalt in sun colour which was a bit greener beforehand.  This is the final painting minus a gloss finish. Time to start something new. 🙂 I got some ideas while watching soccer the other day.