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Wire Bottle


This bottle might look familiar.  The assignment was to represent its mass with black wire.  I chose to create coils with the wire  and then assemble them into the shape I wanted.  The sculpture is a little bit bigger than the actual bottle, so about five inches tall. I used pliers and a screwdriver for […]

I can’t decide whether or not to crop this drawing, or to leave the space up top.  I feel like the open area is too distracting and takes away from the focus subject, which is the stapler. This drawing is also supposed to describe what a staple gun is and how it is used.

I love you

Hark! A Vagrant


I just came across this web comic a few days ago. I think it is amazing, from what I have read so far.  The drawings are completely suited to their use and are extremely well drawn. I think it was Bill Waterson who said that usually cartoonists are either writers or artists, and have to learn what […]

More New Ideas


Ok Here we have some more experimentation. I have been using a new medium, mylar and an inkjet printer, and combining them with oil paints. I think it will allow me to achieve certain effects that I haven’t been able to get with only paint. I am able to layer and obscure mylar that has been printed on. The mylar also allows me to […]

This is a project for my sculpture class. The assignment was to take an interesting object and manipulate it so that people see it differently.  I chose a coconut because of its texture.   I manipulated the coconut by cutting it into pieces with a handsaw and then reassembled them in an interesting way with black wire. […]



I have been playing with this idea for a painting, or a series of paintings for quite a while.  This is a small sketch of what I picture to be a fairly large painting (with more detail).