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This was my first attempt at reproducing an ancient Greek pot. I was supposed to make one that was about knee height, but this one turned out a  bit small. The glazing on this one does not reflect anything to do with any historic pots. I threw this pot in five pieces and then assembled […]

Two Teapots


These are two teapots that were part of my final project for ceramics last semester.  The top one turned out pretty well, but the bottom one warped quite a bit during the firings. Both of the teapots work, to my surprise, and I am very happy with them overall. The black teapot is loosely inspired […]

This is one bowl in a set of ten which I had to make for throwing class. I wouldn’t use this for anything but peanuts and chips, or maybe some kind of dip because it has a very wide top. Liquidy things tend to slosh quite a bit. Although I have been in throwing class […]