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This is my final project for my drawing class.  I decided to find a small object and, without looking at it, do a series of blind contour drawings (without looking at the paper) based only on my sense of touch. I did this by holding the rock in my pocket and feeling it with my […]



   These are a series of preliminary sketches for a 24 by 24 inch painting that I might do. I don’t usually do such a thorough job, but this was part of my final project for drawing class, so I did. I found doing all these sketches very helpful in organizing composition and getting to know the shapes of […]

This is a very large drawing, at least for me. It is about 50 by 35 inches and it is basically brown paper bag paper. This was a two and a half hour pose.  I used a variety of charcoal and white chalk. I am fairly happy with the drawing. I wish I could have used better […]

This assignment for drawing class is supposed to show passage of time.  The idea behind this drawing was to try and work from one side to the other, while it was getting dark outside.  It was a change having to take breaks from drawing because the light wasn’t changing.  I like how wonky the landscape […]

I can’t decide whether or not to crop this drawing, or to leave the space up top.  I feel like the open area is too distracting and takes away from the focus subject, which is the stapler. This drawing is also supposed to describe what a staple gun is and how it is used.

This is the third drawing assignment of my second drawing course.  I used some pencil and charcoal, but mostly conte in this drawing.  I also used a lot of eraser to get highlights and reflections.