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Here is the second of three final paintings for this semester. This one changed a lot from start to finish and was met with a lot of interesting criticism along the way. I think a painting like this immediately appears to be unfinished because of its lack of colour, especially when parts of it like […]

8’x 6′     Acrylic on canvas The arrangement of dots here is taken from photos of gum on the sidewalk outside a local bar. I used information from four adjacent blocks of sidewalk and gridded them onto the painting one by one using black paint. In between blocks I lay down a coat of thinned […]

New Painting


This painting has been a while in the making, and its still only half done.  It’s about 3x 4 feet and is oil on board. It’s hard to take a picture of a painting thats so simple because you can see all of the lighting problems. The source of this painting was the reflection in […]

Due to (a) popular demand, I printed another edition of this print.  If you happen to have bare walls in your apartment and you feel like they are sucking your soul away,  these are $30 including a nice glass frame.

These 6″x 6″ oil sketches are based on photos taken from a plane of farmers fields in winter. The composition of each painting was based on how roads and highways divide up the landscape into blocks.

Block 1


Oil on Canvas  5’x5′ This painting shows the placement of gum on a sidewalk block near the bus stop I usually wait at. I used a grid to map the gum as accurately as possible from a photograph I took. I also tried to make sure that the canvas was the same size as the […]

Shape Print