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Interior Sketch


Just a quick (ish) sketch of a hallway at school.  Used pencils and a ruler. The paper is about 18″x 20″. Advertisements

Selected Photos


     Here are a few photos I took for photography class. I took digital pictures of the negatives and reversed them on my computer to get a positive. This is the first roll of film I have ever developed by hand. Photography is turning out to be quite a challenge.  Especially since we have […]

You know when you are driving late at night and objects in front of you are severely lit and framed by an absolute black? They almost look like two dimensional cut outs… I would like to do a series of paintings looking at this in a fall setting. I think I would use black gouache, which has […]

House Sketch


Pencil on Paper    20″x 24″ I had to stay within the realm of contour drawing for this one. I wish I could have used some tone, or even some colour. The sky was a nice blue and the trees were a nice green.

Colour Project


Gouache on paper Here are mini-projects number 1 and 2 out of 16 of a class project.  Thankfully these are the most simplistic of the 16.  Despite their simplicity, they were still very difficult to paint. I might still have to touch up the red saturation scale a bit.



Conte on newsprint Had to do this with my left hand.  My arm got really tired.