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Rope Diptychs


          These two diptychs go further into exploring the pile of rope I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I used mono-printing techniques to transfer the image between sheets of paper and altered them with charcoal, red chalk and acrylic paint. These drawings are beginning to really depart from the […]

   Brown paper this time.  I like working with it because the paper feels like it is already worn in and I have no apprehension about being aggressive from the start.  I also find it easier to drastically revise things, which ultimately lead to simple and engaging drawings. Not that any of my drawings possess those […]

Man on Chair


  I like how these are basically the same subject matter, but they are completely different drawings. Both took about an hour and are conte on mayfair.

Night Drawing


Sometimes last minute, night before drawings come out better than you expect.  

These are two collages that I did for drawing. I don’t really have anything to say about them. I like the seal up top.

Model Drawing


Charcoal on mayfair. 1 1/2 hour pose.  

Model Drawings


These drawings were done on top of smaller gesture drawings.  I’m not sure why, but thats what we were told to do. I think it adds intrest to the drawing.