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This was the second component to my final project for painting. The assignment was to cover a variety of familiar objects with patterned cloth that might conceal their identity, and then paint them.  My objects were a big greek pot that I threw last year in throwing class, a stapler and a hammer.  There are […]

I’m not quite happy with this reproduction.  The large dark portion in the middle should be quite a bit darker, and the shadows are too saturated. In this painting I was trying to capture the sense of stillness that one gets when they look at the stacks of containers at the container pier in Point […]

This is my final project for my drawing class.  I decided to find a small object and, without looking at it, do a series of blind contour drawings (without looking at the paper) based only on my sense of touch. I did this by holding the rock in my pocket and feeling it with my […]