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This was my first attempt at reproducing an ancient Greek pot. I was supposed to make one that was about knee height, but this one turned out a  bit small. The glazing on this one does not reflect anything to do with any historic pots. I threw this pot in five pieces and then assembled […]

Finger Painting


These studies of a still life are about 4’x5′ inches and were painted with oil paint. They were an excercise in generalizing and considering the entire page. I painted each study with my fingers. I think that this was one of the best exercises I have done yet in school. If you look at these […]

The two lower studies were half an hour long, and the top one was for an hour. They are all oil on 24’x36′ gessoed mayfair.

These two studies are probably around 8 by 5 inches. They were just quick studies done on our first day of figure painting class.  I think they are pretty decent.

Feet Studies


These are both oil on primed paper and took about half an hour each.  

Two Teapots


These are two teapots that were part of my final project for ceramics last semester.  The top one turned out pretty well, but the bottom one warped quite a bit during the firings. Both of the teapots work, to my surprise, and I am very happy with them overall. The black teapot is loosely inspired […]