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This was the second component to my final project for painting. The assignment was to cover a variety of familiar objects with patterned cloth that might conceal their identity, and then paint them.  My objects were a big greek pot that I threw last year in throwing class, a stapler and a hammer.  There are […]

24″x 32″   Oil on Board This painting was for a wall mounted still life assignment. I think the composition in this works out pretty well.  

  So. This is a printing press which I designed and constructed in the metal shop. I have tried it out and it does work (to my great surprise). I built the press because I often end up wanting to make a print which requires a press and I don’t like being limited when it […]

Paprika Shaker


OIl on canvas on board. Applied with palette knives.  I am happy with some areas of this painting, but not others. I am still working on refining this technique.

Over twenty hours of carving with a chisel and mallet. I really love how it turned out though. It came out exactly how I wanted it to. I set some plaster in a plastic bucket and carved it after it had hardened. It’s basically like rock except a lot easier to carve. This is one of […]

Metal Pot


Oil on canvas on board. Applied with palette knives. Perspective is off, but I like it.



Oil on canvas on board.  Applied with palette knives.