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     These are a few attempts at drawing water in the harbour. You can click to enlarge them. They were exercises in a class called Sensoryscapes. The best part of this assignment was being forced to concentrate on the harbour front for four hours. I saw ferries docking, sea gulls scavenging, mackerel schooling, tourists walking… […]

I can’t decide whether or not to crop this drawing, or to leave the space up top.  I feel like the open area is too distracting and takes away from the focus subject, which is the stapler. This drawing is also supposed to describe what a staple gun is and how it is used.

Glass Bottle


This is my feeble attempt at Photorealism, inspired by the works of Ralph Goings.  I worked in oils with for the first time in a long time, which was nice, but I need to “brush up” my technique.  I used a 2.75″ by 4″ balsa wood board which absorbed the paint nicely. I am still […]

This is a little unfinished, and the style is a little mixed up.  For some reason I included a black line around each object. I think the black lines would have worked better if the objects were rendered more blockily, like the bottle on the right. Whatever, this is just for a school assignment anyway. […]

This is supposed to look at negative space and cropping, and how they effect how we see a composition. It may still require some work.

Oil on unprimed board 9″x 6.5″ First painting with my newly acquired paints. I’m pretty happy with them… they seem to be the right shades of red, yellow and blue to mix any colour. I bought some before that always turned murky when I tried to mix them. Trial and error I guess.  These are just some bottles […]