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Pencil on newsprint. For drawing class. Advertisements

Shoe Paintings


Here are two paintings I did for painting class. They are acrylic paint on a 12″ x 12″ linoleum floor tile.

Good news! My binocular pinhole camera (which should actually be called a stereoscopic pinhole camera) was a surprising success and produced paper negatives which I contact printed into decent prints.  The exposure of my camera was 10 minutes in a fluorescent light lit room. The prints also looked three dimensional when viewed in the viewing apparatus. The prints are […]

Self Portrait


Here is a self portrait of myself that I did in drawing class. The proportions are a bit wonky, but I have never been able to do decent self portraits so I’m not complaining. This is done with vine charcoal; The most easily smudged medium in the world.

Here is my binocular pinhole camera that I just constructed.  Hopefully it will take photos that end up looking like this one, … and will fit into this viewer. I have a feeling it will be harder than I want it to be.  

This is a drypoint etching on plexiglass, which I printed in class today.  I really enjoy printing stuff when everything is working well. There is a very satisfying feeling when everything works the way you want it to.   Hopefully I can find a way to set up a makeshift printing press at home.  They […]

This is supposed to look at negative space and cropping, and how they effect how we see a composition. It may still require some work.