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   These are a series of preliminary sketches for a 24 by 24 inch painting that I might do. I don’t usually do such a thorough job, but this was part of my final project for drawing class, so I did. I found doing all these sketches very helpful in organizing composition and getting to know the shapes of […]



Screen Print on paper. 11″x 14″

  So. This is a printing press which I designed and constructed in the metal shop. I have tried it out and it does work (to my great surprise). I built the press because I often end up wanting to make a print which requires a press and I don’t like being limited when it […]

Oil on canvas.  2.5’x 3′ I’m not going to say anything about this painting, because I still don’t know how I feel about it or even if it is finished.   All I will say is that the elements of this painting are all products of decision making at some level. Feel free to comment.

Purple Flower


Watercolour painting  5″x 3.5″ These were some interesting flowers I found outside my house. I haven’t painted flowers for a while now. I don’t think I will get back into it even though I do like the organic shape of the leaves.

This is a very large drawing, at least for me. It is about 50 by 35 inches and it is basically brown paper bag paper. This was a two and a half hour pose.  I used a variety of charcoal and white chalk. I am fairly happy with the drawing. I wish I could have used better […]

These eggs are a tradition in my family, although we are not Ukrainian. They are made by applying wax to an egg and dying it in stages. The wax acts as a resist and preserves the colour underneath it until it is melted and wiped  away. The above designs are my own and are not […]