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Paper Bag


This drawing is from last weeks drawing class. It was a hatching/cross-hatching excercise and I used conte crayon. It is on a 24x 18 piece of newsprint, like usual. Advertisements

More Photos


 Here are some more prints that I am happy with.

Well, it isn’t perfect, but I’m done working on it.  I’m finished painting these flowers for a while now.

Here is my progression so far.  I switched to acrylic paint for the last three squares because if I used oils, they would not dry in time for monday.  I tried to match the styles, but you can still tell which is which in person. I have also caught up to the flowers. I couldn’t […]

I was finally able to get some good results in the darkroom yesterday. Here are the 2 best of the 5 or 6 that I printed in almost 4 hours of work.

4/12 Squares


I need to finish these so that they have enough time to dry before monday.  These oils are pretty fast drying as far as oils go, but they still need one or two days. I have a feeling that I will be very busy tomorrow. Luckily I have the day off. I have 8 more […]

Oil on Board  Two out of of twelve squares completed.