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            Here is my latest foray into glazing. I thought it might be interesting to work on something small and detailed after a semester of rather large and loose work.  The decision to take pictures after every session of painting came because this style of painting lends itself to process and I thought it would […]

This was the second component to my final project for painting. The assignment was to cover a variety of familiar objects with patterned cloth that might conceal their identity, and then paint them.  My objects were a big greek pot that I threw last year in throwing class, a stapler and a hammer.  There are […]

Basil  8″x 10″ I need some better brushes.

Oil on unprimed masonite.  6″ x 10″ This painting was very spontaneous, which is different from how I have been working lately.  I should do more.

Finger Painting


These studies of a still life are about 4’x5′ inches and were painted with oil paint. They were an excercise in generalizing and considering the entire page. I painted each study with my fingers. I think that this was one of the best exercises I have done yet in school. If you look at these […]

32″x 26″ This was the final painting for my intro paint class.  We were open to any style and subject matter for this painting, as long as it showed the skills that we had been taught over the semester. I chose to expand on my earlier still life painting using the same type of objects […]

24″x 32″   Oil on Board This painting was for a wall mounted still life assignment. I think the composition in this works out pretty well.