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This was my final, and in my opinion best, drawing of the trip. It took me about two and a half hours sitting on a rock across the street. It was very difficult to find  place to sit in the town of Punat, but I managed to find a rock across the street that had […]

There were hundreds of these tiny boats lined up along the shore of Punat, this was one of the ones I found most attractive.  I had an interesting time drawing the water underneath the boat and it was fun trying to capture the roundness of the boat.  I think it turned out okay, minus the […]



I like the the feeling of the lines in this sketch.  Sometimes the quick ones come out the best.

I am sad that I butchered the bushes in the foreground. Otherwise I think it would have been a decent sketch.  I like the house on the left the best.

This is a small garage which was outside the house I was staying at in Punat on the island of Krk in Croatia. There was a wonderful tree that provided shade on the patio on which I was sitting. Almost too perfect to imagine. Unfortunately I garbled up the shading on the building and had […]

These are a couple pictures which I took in a small town just outside of Dubrovnik called Cavtat. After traveling and sight seeing all day this peaceful sunset was a welcome experience. These photos were taken with a point and shoot Canon PowerShot. It’s no substitute for a real film camera or a DSL, but […]

These photos were taken on the bus ride from Zagreb to Sarajevo. Most of the trip consisted of small highways and small towns, but there was a few hours of driving through the canyon of the river Vrbas. I don’t have many words to describe the  canyons beauty, but I hope these photos do it […]