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4’x 5′ Acrylic and charcoal on unprimed, unstretched canvas. What is Canada but a giant weather forecast? Advertisements

8’x 6′     Acrylic on canvas The arrangement of dots here is taken from photos of gum on the sidewalk outside a local bar. I used information from four adjacent blocks of sidewalk and gridded them onto the painting one by one using black paint. In between blocks I lay down a coat of thinned […]

Street Pigeons


4′ x5′ Oil on canvas How and why do pigeons live in manufactured environments? What parallels are there between humans and pigeons?

Back into large paintings again this semester.  This one is 5’x6′.  I have been experimenting with painting with a small foam paint roller. It works pretty well and its useful because I can layer thin coats of paint, but it also leaves strange patterns and a rippled effect. Sometimes it works out, but most of […]

It looks like I started this year with a bang… and confetti.  This painting is five by six feet and sets the record for the largest painting I have ever painted. Wahoo? The assignment was to find some tiny objects and integrate them into a painting that we liked. I chose one sort of like […]

       These are studies for a large painting based on two very small found objects, in my case half a plastic clip for bread bags and a piece of blue candy wrapper. The assignment was to choose an existing painting that we found interesting and replicate a part of it while incorporating our objects. […]

It’s funny how sometimes it’s impossible to tell if a project is worth pursuing until you start doing it. That happened with this painting, so I decided to stop and I will probably paint over it. It’s not that the idea I had wasn’t interesting to me, but I felt like it needed more thought […]