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This assignment for drawing class is supposed to show passage of time.  The idea behind this drawing was to try and work from one side to the other, while it was getting dark outside.  It was a change having to take breaks from drawing because the light wasn’t changing.  I like how wonky the landscape […]

Model Session


    There is a bunch of stuff here. Colour, skeletons, robots and bad proportions. Make what you will of it. Most of these are 10 or 20 minute poses and I believe the top one was 40 minutes. I mostly used compressed charcoal vine charcoal and coloured chalk.  Some are definitely better than others



So I guess I have been exploring the realm of patterns recently.  This one is a cropped view of a rock cliff which I repeated and tinted on photoshop. I may or may not peruse something like this for a print or a painting.  I am really interested in shapes and what they do to how people […]

I was amazed at how well this pattern replicated.  Although I suppose that because it was based on a grid it makes sense. I really want to use this pattern for my first attempt at photo emulsion stencil techniques for screen printing. It is much too delicate for cutting out with a knife.

Auto Drawings


We drew these today in design class. They are supposed to be semi conscious improvisations based on a triangle grid of dots. We had six small grids to work with over 20 minutes.  I found the excercise very interesting and I came up with a variety of interesting ideas. I also developed certain ideas from grid to grid, and I […]

Blocky Bottle


Same technique as the last post. I think I really like how obscure this bottle is. It makes me notice the shape of the positive and negative spaces more than I usually would.  The maneuverability of the xacto knife became a factor of the design in this one and I like it. I feel it speaks to […]

I put this on a few cards today. It is a screen printed stencil that I cut with a knife out of mylar. I based it on a sketch I did the other day on the Halifax waterfront. I think the opaqueness of the ink reflects the weight of these massive metal horn cleats fairly well. […]