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These are two collages that I did for drawing. I don’t really have anything to say about them. I like the seal up top. Advertisements

Model Drawing


Charcoal on mayfair. 1 1/2 hour pose.  

This is one bowl in a set of ten which I had to make for throwing class. I wouldn’t use this for anything but peanuts and chips, or maybe some kind of dip because it has a very wide top. Liquidy things tend to slosh quite a bit. Although I have been in throwing class […]

Block 1


Oil on Canvas  5’x5′ This painting shows the placement of gum on a sidewalk block near the bus stop I usually wait at. I used a grid to map the gum as accurately as possible from a photograph I took. I also tried to make sure that the canvas was the same size as the […]

Oil on Board   47″x 30″ This is a painting from the summer that I never finished.  It is based on a photograph of a pen full of trout at a restaurant just outside of Sarajevo in Bosnia.  Most of the fish were very dark but a couple of the biggest were albino.  You can’t see […]