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This is a small garage which was outside the house I was staying at in Punat on the island of Krk in Croatia. There was a wonderful tree that provided shade on the patio on which I was sitting. Almost too perfect to imagine. Unfortunately I garbled up the shading on the building and had […]

Purple Flower


Watercolour painting  5″x 3.5″ These were some interesting flowers I found outside my house. I haven’t painted flowers for a while now. I don’t think I will get back into it even though I do like the organic shape of the leaves.

These eggs are a tradition in my family, although we are not Ukrainian. They are made by applying wax to an egg and dying it in stages. The wax acts as a resist and preserves the colour underneath it until it is melted and wiped  away. The above designs are my own and are not […]

This is a watercolour sketch which I found while looking through an old sketchbook of mine. I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes and I really appreciate Bill Watterson’s style, especially when I look at the artwork (if you can call it that) in some of todays comics. This sketch is of my backyard and it is […]



Watercolour and Pen Had to make a card for a wedding that I couldn’t attend. I haven’t done much  work with watercolour, but I really like how free you can be with them. I would like to do more stuff like this.