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4’x 5′ Acrylic and charcoal on unprimed, unstretched canvas. What is Canada but a giant weather forecast? Advertisements

Here is the second of three final paintings for this semester. This one changed a lot from start to finish and was met with a lot of interesting criticism along the way. I think a painting like this immediately appears to be unfinished because of its lack of colour, especially when parts of it like […]

                Here is the final product of the many many studies of the rope coil that I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. They go together as a diptych and are intended to have about a foot of separation in between them.  

This was sort of a spontaneous t-shirt design. I need people to tell me if they think it’s interesting, or if it’s like those generic shirts at big chain stores. The pattern was made by repeatedly printing a block of stone, like a stamp.

This was a painting for class.  I tried to capture the experience of the bright sky at the end of a rain storm, rather than reproduce the photograph I was working from. I also tried to abstract the setting enough so that the viewer isn’t concerned with recognizing it. I wanted to remove all depth from the painting so […]

Print Book


This was my final assignment for my printing class. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of it before I passed it in, so I’m doing it now.  The prints go from simplest to most complicated and use techniques like additive and reductive monotyping, styrofoam printing and screen printing.  All of these are off […]

Crushed Pop Can


I had nothing else to do in painting class, so I did this.  It was going to be a realistic pop can, but someone took the can between the times when I was working.  I finished it as best I could from memory and added some squares.