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            Here is my latest foray into glazing. I thought it might be interesting to work on something small and detailed after a semester of rather large and loose work.  The decision to take pictures after every session of painting came because this style of painting lends itself to process and I thought it would […]

This was the second component to my final project for painting. The assignment was to cover a variety of familiar objects with patterned cloth that might conceal their identity, and then paint them.  My objects were a big greek pot that I threw last year in throwing class, a stapler and a hammer.  There are […]

New Painting


This painting has been a while in the making, and its still only half done.  It’s about 3x 4 feet and is oil on board. It’s hard to take a picture of a painting thats so simple because you can see all of the lighting problems. The source of this painting was the reflection in […]

This is one bowl in a set of ten which I had to make for throwing class. I wouldn’t use this for anything but peanuts and chips, or maybe some kind of dip because it has a very wide top. Liquidy things tend to slosh quite a bit. Although I have been in throwing class […]

So, I still haven’t done any sketching… but I have found what I want to sketch.  These photos are from the older part of Zagreb, which is the main historical destination for tourists. These buildings are not really part of the show though, they are legitimately neglected and some appear to be uninhabited. It is […]

These eggs are a tradition in my family, although we are not Ukrainian. They are made by applying wax to an egg and dying it in stages. The wax acts as a resist and preserves the colour underneath it until it is melted and wiped  away. The above designs are my own and are not […]



So I guess I have been exploring the realm of patterns recently.  This one is a cropped view of a rock cliff which I repeated and tinted on photoshop. I may or may not peruse something like this for a print or a painting.  I am really interested in shapes and what they do to how people […]