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            Compressed charcoal on paper. ~ 8″x10″ This is a studying face.  People hold very still when they concentrate.  The chin and neck of this drawing are a little squeezed but aside from that I think it’s pretty successful. It’s been a while since I tried my hand at a […]

3’x 3′  Oil on paper This was a very quick painting, but I do like how it came out.  The hardest part was painting my head on a slight angle.  I am so used to painting vertical heads that doing this was completely foreign. If you look closely you can see that my ears are […]

This is me, and my friend Tori. I have an easier time painting other people than I do with myself. I should start a collection of horrible portraits.

These two studies are probably around 8 by 5 inches. They were just quick studies done on our first day of figure painting class.  I think they are pretty decent.

Character Ideas


These are a few sketches that I made based on people in some National Geographics I have from the 70’s.  I find the loose quality of the line drawings very comical, and I would love to incorporate a style like this into a comic strip. I have always wanted a comic strip, but no matter […]

Self Portrait


This is also from painting class.  It should have been posted before the colour one, but it got forgotten.  Besides my riveting stare, I think this came out ok.

Self Portrait


I didn’t get a chance to finish this before my lighting changed, but I think it is a decent attempt  at a painting-sketch. I have never done any portraiture, but I think it is growing on me.