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Screen Print on paper. 11″x 14″ Advertisements

I was amazed at how well this pattern replicated.  Although I suppose that because it was based on a grid it makes sense. I really want to use this pattern for my first attempt at photo emulsion stencil techniques for screen printing. It is much too delicate for cutting out with a knife.

Auto Drawings


We drew these today in design class. They are supposed to be semi conscious improvisations based on a triangle grid of dots. We had six small grids to work with over 20 minutes.  I found the excercise very interesting and I came up with a variety of interesting ideas. I also developed certain ideas from grid to grid, and I […]

In class assignment for design. We had to pick a four letter word in a font that we found interesting and represent it through showing it’s negative space.  We also had to link how we filled in the negative space to the meaning of the word.   I had a lot of fun developing and […]

I What?


14″x 18″ Acrylic on Drafting Film This was part of a school project in which we were to address a problem in society through “graffiti” art.  It is a stencil of a picture I took of someone on their Ipod, and is supposed to show how Ipods isolate their users from the rest of the […]

Eat Your Ballot


I found this poster on the street after an election and thought it was too much of a piece of art to pass up. It’s about 11″x 16″ and the image which was originally brushed ink (I think) was printed out on paper and glued to a piece of foamcore. The text was screen pressed on top […]