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7″x 7″  Compressed charcoal and gesso on plywood I made some art!  It’s been long enough.  This was on a hot sunny morning while everyone and their dog was out walking each other.   I like how the active sky dominates the foreground and draws your eye away form the subject of the drawing.   […]

            Compressed charcoal on paper. ~ 8″x10″ This is a studying face.  People hold very still when they concentrate.  The chin and neck of this drawing are a little squeezed but aside from that I think it’s pretty successful. It’s been a while since I tried my hand at a […]



Some preparatory sketches for an upcoming painting.  I’m not sure what kind of decisions I’m going to make colour wise on this one. It might end up very colourful, or just tonal like these drawings.

                Here is the final product of the many many studies of the rope coil that I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. They go together as a diptych and are intended to have about a foot of separation in between them.  

Canvas, acrylic, charcoal on board.

Charcoal and acrylic paint on brown paper.  In class drawing.  

  These are a couple studies that I will base a large painting off of. The models were instructed to take “active poses” that would be hard to hold so that they would move around a lot. This caused the drawings to became more about the feeling and gesture behind the pose rather than the […]