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This is a very large drawing, at least for me. It is about 50 by 35 inches and it is basically brown paper bag paper. This was a two and a half hour pose.  I used a variety of charcoal and white chalk. I am fairly happy with the drawing. I wish I could have used better […]

Model Session


    There is a bunch of stuff here. Colour, skeletons, robots and bad proportions. Make what you will of it. Most of these are 10 or 20 minute poses and I believe the top one was 40 minutes. I mostly used compressed charcoal vine charcoal and coloured chalk.  Some are definitely better than others

Boring Art


Banana (from old sketchbook) Oil Pastel on Paper I have just come to the conclusion that I have never in my life created a piece of art which carries any real meaning.  Sure I’ve tried to do abstraction and stuff like that, but most of those dealt solely with colour and composition. They mean nothing to me […]



oil pastel on paper 8″ x 5″