Boring Art



Banana (from old sketchbook)

Oil Pastel on Paper

I have just come to the conclusion that I have never in my life created a piece of art which carries any real meaning.  Sure I’ve tried to do abstraction and stuff like that, but most of those dealt solely with colour and composition. They mean nothing to me or anyone else. They were not a result of any thinking, save deciding where to put my brush/knife down.  The same goes for still lives that I have done. All of those were set up so they would be relatively easy to paint and reflect nothing about anything. They do not tell any stories or how something used to be. They are just dead, artificial compositions. They are boring. 

I saw a piece of art the other day that was the lines “I will not make any more boring art” written over and over again detention style. I suppose that is what made me begin to wonder what might qualify as boring art, and how mine would rate on a boring-o-meter.  

Anyway I’ve got to go try to be interesting and provocative or else I might just make another still life.


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