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Charcoal and acrylic paint on brown paper.  In class drawing.   Advertisements

  These are a couple studies that I will base a large painting off of. The models were instructed to take “active poses” that would be hard to hold so that they would move around a lot. This caused the drawings to became more about the feeling and gesture behind the pose rather than the […]

   Brown paper this time.  I like working with it because the paper feels like it is already worn in and I have no apprehension about being aggressive from the start.  I also find it easier to drastically revise things, which ultimately lead to simple and engaging drawings. Not that any of my drawings possess those […]

24 by 30 inches, oil on canvas This is a reproduction of a Euan Uglow painting. I did this painting before my final drawing project. You might be able to see the influence it had on the drawing’s composition.

This is my final drawing for my figure drawing class.  The assignment was to show that we learned something in the class.  I used compressed charcoal to do this drawing, and it is about  two and a half feet by four feet. Click to enlarge.

Man by Tables


This drawing got a little squished on the way home.  It is quite a bit bigger than the rest. I think the composition works out pretty well. The man and the room were drawn separately.  

Man on Chair


  I like how these are basically the same subject matter, but they are completely different drawings. Both took about an hour and are conte on mayfair.