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                Here is the final product of the many many studies of the rope coil that I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. They go together as a diptych and are intended to have about a foot of separation in between them.   Advertisements

Rope Diptychs


          These two diptychs go further into exploring the pile of rope I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I used mono-printing techniques to transfer the image between sheets of paper and altered them with charcoal, red chalk and acrylic paint. These drawings are beginning to really depart from the […]

Pile of Rope


The above sketch was drawn in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic during class a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have been working from it in a variety of ways, trying to develop more interesting and expressive ways of describing it. The below drawings were done from right to left with ink wash and […]

972 Strides


This is a project where I created a rope by twisting twine. The piece is titled after the number of strides I took while measuring out the twine. There should be 972 stands of twine in this rope which measures the length of one of my strides.