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Lots of purple in this one. I’ve been getting mixed results about the green circle and the white dots on the side but the whole painting seems to hold together better than my previous one. Advertisements

Back into large paintings again this semester.  This one is 5’x6′.  I have been experimenting with painting with a small foam paint roller. It works pretty well and its useful because I can layer thin coats of paint, but it also leaves strange patterns and a rippled effect. Sometimes it works out, but most of […]

I’m not quite happy with this reproduction.  The large dark portion in the middle should be quite a bit darker, and the shadows are too saturated. In this painting I was trying to capture the sense of stillness that one gets when they look at the stacks of containers at the container pier in Point […]

     These are a few attempts at drawing water in the harbour. You can click to enlarge them. They were exercises in a class called Sensoryscapes. The best part of this assignment was being forced to concentrate on the harbour front for four hours. I saw ferries docking, sea gulls scavenging, mackerel schooling, tourists walking… […]

Same location as yesterday, but a different view and a more confusing drawing.

Fort Sketch


I went down to the Cambridge Battery this morning to sketch some fun stuff.  It was the first time I have seen the restorations that have kept the forts fenced off for quite a long time. Although they are quite manicured,  the changes seem to make the space much more usable and historically  relevant. The […]

Today was one of the nicest days so far this year.  The sun was shining from behind a thin layer of cloud and there was a regatta taking place in the mouth of the Halifax harbour.  The structure on the left is one of many old World War Two bunkers in the park.  This one […]