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Nude Beach Bag


One of the biggest problems that art school students face is what to do with old paintings that no one wants. It would be a shame to throw them away because they were a lot of work, but they also take up a lot of room and aren’t quite good enough to hang on a […]

  I found a bucket of old rusty stamp cut wedge nails and played with them for a while this morning. This form was fairly easy to think of and simple to construct as the weight of the nails hold the structure together. The idea of this sculpture sort of follows the work of Richard […]

This was sort of a spontaneous t-shirt design. I need people to tell me if they think it’s interesting, or if it’s like those generic shirts at big chain stores. The pattern was made by repeatedly printing a block of stone, like a stamp.

This is a photo of my modular sculpture for intro. sculpture. There are six modules made of three panes of reflective glass each. I think it is interesting how when the modules are arranged like this, they suggest a structure that extends into the floor.  It is hard to get a sense of this from […]

This was my first attempt at reproducing an ancient Greek pot. I was supposed to make one that was about knee height, but this one turned out a  bit small. The glazing on this one does not reflect anything to do with any historic pots. I threw this pot in five pieces and then assembled […]

Two Teapots


These are two teapots that were part of my final project for ceramics last semester.  The top one turned out pretty well, but the bottom one warped quite a bit during the firings. Both of the teapots work, to my surprise, and I am very happy with them overall. The black teapot is loosely inspired […]

This is one bowl in a set of ten which I had to make for throwing class. I wouldn’t use this for anything but peanuts and chips, or maybe some kind of dip because it has a very wide top. Liquidy things tend to slosh quite a bit. Although I have been in throwing class […]