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4’x 5′ Acrylic and charcoal on unprimed, unstretched canvas. What is Canada but a giant weather forecast? Advertisements

            Compressed charcoal on paper. ~ 8″x10″ This is a studying face.  People hold very still when they concentrate.  The chin and neck of this drawing are a little squeezed but aside from that I think it’s pretty successful. It’s been a while since I tried my hand at a […]



Some preparatory sketches for an upcoming painting.  I’m not sure what kind of decisions I’m going to make colour wise on this one. It might end up very colourful, or just tonal like these drawings.

This is my final project for my drawing class.  I decided to find a small object and, without looking at it, do a series of blind contour drawings (without looking at the paper) based only on my sense of touch. I did this by holding the rock in my pocket and feeling it with my […]

    This project was in response to our assignment, the cartography of time. I chose to melt a block of ice on my board and mark its progress by tracing its puddle’s expanding perimeter. It took me about three hours of tracing. I know because I labelled the time that I made every outline. After […]

On Snow Days


  Last winter I took a series of pictures of people scrambling to dig themselves out the morning after a significant snowfall. I have been thinking about a painting that would borrow subjects from these photos and that would investigate the occurrence of a snow day. As a child, snow days were a huge part […]

                      I sketched this yesterday while I was waiting around outside the art gallery. It was a beautiful day and the sun was illuminating the bright yellow leaves that paved the sides of the road. It’s too bad that the christmas decorations are already up […]