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Due to (a) popular demand, I printed another edition of this print.  If you happen to have bare walls in your apartment and you feel like they are sucking your soul away,  these are $30 including a nice glass frame. Advertisements

This was sort of a spontaneous t-shirt design. I need people to tell me if they think it’s interesting, or if it’s like those generic shirts at big chain stores. The pattern was made by repeatedly printing a block of stone, like a stamp.

Shape Print




Screen Print on paper. 11″x 14″

  So. This is a printing press which I designed and constructed in the metal shop. I have tried it out and it does work (to my great surprise). I built the press because I often end up wanting to make a print which requires a press and I don’t like being limited when it […]

These eggs are a tradition in my family, although we are not Ukrainian. They are made by applying wax to an egg and dying it in stages. The wax acts as a resist and preserves the colour underneath it until it is melted and wiped  away. The above designs are my own and are not […]



So I guess I have been exploring the realm of patterns recently.  This one is a cropped view of a rock cliff which I repeated and tinted on photoshop. I may or may not peruse something like this for a print or a painting.  I am really interested in shapes and what they do to how people […]