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Some preparatory sketches for an upcoming painting.  I’m not sure what kind of decisions I’m going to make colour wise on this one. It might end up very colourful, or just tonal like these drawings. Advertisements

This is my final project for my drawing class.  I decided to find a small object and, without looking at it, do a series of blind contour drawings (without looking at the paper) based only on my sense of touch. I did this by holding the rock in my pocket and feeling it with my […]

Green Snow Plow


I think this is missing a wheel or two on the back of the cab. It’s tough working from bad photos and memories.

Bobcat Study


The big green street snowplow is up next.  See my last entry for explanation.

On Snow Days


  Last winter I took a series of pictures of people scrambling to dig themselves out the morning after a significant snowfall. I have been thinking about a painting that would borrow subjects from these photos and that would investigate the occurrence of a snow day. As a child, snow days were a huge part […]

                Here is the final product of the many many studies of the rope coil that I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. They go together as a diptych and are intended to have about a foot of separation in between them.  

Canvas, acrylic, charcoal on board.