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Oil and acrylic on canvas  4’3″x 4’3″ This was a mid term project that I never uploaded because I didn’t really like it.  I still don’t like it much but I’m going to roll it up soon so I thought I would at least put it up here. It is supposed to be a response […]

8’x 6′     Acrylic on canvas The arrangement of dots here is taken from photos of gum on the sidewalk outside a local bar. I used information from four adjacent blocks of sidewalk and gridded them onto the painting one by one using black paint. In between blocks I lay down a coat of thinned […]

Street Pigeons


4′ x5′ Oil on canvas How and why do pigeons live in manufactured environments? What parallels are there between humans and pigeons?

It looks like I started this year with a bang… and confetti.  This painting is five by six feet and sets the record for the largest painting I have ever painted. Wahoo? The assignment was to find some tiny objects and integrate them into a painting that we liked. I chose one sort of like […]

       These are studies for a large painting based on two very small found objects, in my case half a plastic clip for bread bags and a piece of blue candy wrapper. The assignment was to choose an existing painting that we found interesting and replicate a part of it while incorporating our objects. […]

New Painting


This painting has been a while in the making, and its still only half done.  It’s about 3x 4 feet and is oil on board. It’s hard to take a picture of a painting thats so simple because you can see all of the lighting problems. The source of this painting was the reflection in […]

Finger Painting


These studies of a still life are about 4’x5′ inches and were painted with oil paint. They were an excercise in generalizing and considering the entire page. I painted each study with my fingers. I think that this was one of the best exercises I have done yet in school. If you look at these […]