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A White Bird


I am currently working on an independent study that in which I am making a bunch of these wooden birds.  They are made out of two pieces of pine and are carved, sliced and then folded. The idea to work with them came to me as I was reading an essay by John Berger  which talks about how […]

Street Pigeons


4′ x5′ Oil on canvas How and why do pigeons live in manufactured environments? What parallels are there between humans and pigeons?

Pigeons are pretty sweet, which is why I am really excited about The Pigeon Project which Morag Schonken is doing down on Granville street in a little window gallery.  Everybody should go down and check it out (and see my painting) before the middle of august when it ends. Also, if you have a story that involves […]

Here is a painting based on a sketch I posted a few weeks ago.  It’s not completely finished, but it’s close enough.  I’m thinking of putting a coat of gloss finish over the entire painting after it’s dry, so that the colours really come out. I’m also not sure about whether or not the light […]

Two Pigeons


Another study based on pigeons.   24″x 24″  oil on canvas I find it interesting how pigeons occupy a lot of the same spaces as humans. Are they trying to be like us, or are they just hardwired to prefer the type of environment we make ? I came across a pigeon in a museum […]



Working out ideas. There’s something about how pigeons are that is a lot like us.