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Half hour sketch from inside the Public Gardens. I’m a little bit rusty this spring, but at least I’m starting early. One good sketch a week is my goal this summer. Advertisements

This is a small garage which was outside the house I was staying at in Punat on the island of Krk in Croatia. There was a wonderful tree that provided shade on the patio on which I was sitting. Almost too perfect to imagine. Unfortunately I garbled up the shading on the building and had […]

This assignment for drawing class is supposed to show passage of time.  The idea behind this drawing was to try and work from one side to the other, while it was getting dark outside.  It was a change having to take breaks from drawing because the light wasn’t changing.  I like how wonky the landscape […]

The sun was very bright and I was in an open field. It was very hot.

7″x 9.5″ Oil on canvas I think this looks a little more right side up.  Time to move onto the next one.

Spruce Tree


Oil on Canvas 7″x 9.5″ This looks upside-down to me, but I know it isn’t. I might keep on working on this painting because there is still something wrong with it.