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These photos were taken on the bus ride from Zagreb to Sarajevo. Most of the trip consisted of small highways and small towns, but there was a few hours of driving through the canyon of the river Vrbas. I don’t have many words to describe the  canyons beauty, but I hope these photos do it […]

Here is my first sketch of the trip.  It isn’t very good, but I didn’t spend too long on it and there were ants crawling on me. These antennas are everywhere here and every set up is different. They remind me of the extra cellular matrices of cells…  from biology.  Anyway, this was fun to […]

So, I still haven’t done any sketching… but I have found what I want to sketch.  These photos are from the older part of Zagreb, which is the main historical destination for tourists. These buildings are not really part of the show though, they are legitimately neglected and some appear to be uninhabited. It is […]

Ok… I have finally settled in the apartment in Zagreb, Croatia and figured out how the wireless router works.  Due to a variety of reasons, I have not yet done any sketching, but I intend to begin as soon as possible. I will post as much as I can until I leave for Sarajevo, Bosnia […]