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Half hour sketch from inside the Public Gardens. I’m a little bit rusty this spring, but at least I’m starting early. One good sketch a week is my goal this summer. Advertisements

Two Pigeons


Another study based on pigeons.   24″x 24″  oil on canvas I find it interesting how pigeons occupy a lot of the same spaces as humans. Are they trying to be like us, or are they just hardwired to prefer the type of environment we make ? I came across a pigeon in a museum […]



Working out ideas. There’s something about how pigeons are that is a lot like us.

Four Rocks


The idea behind this sculpture is that it sort of hides from you, and requires close inspection to really see. The mirrors are set up in such a way that they seem to be transparent and makes it look like there are four objects in the center. As you walk around, other objects are revealed […]

972 Strides


This is a project where I created a rope by twisting twine. The piece is titled after the number of strides I took while measuring out the twine. There should be 972 stands of twine in this rope which measures the length of one of my strides.

These paintings investigate how colours affect how we see tones in paintings.  They are just studies really, but I think they are valuable for learning. Especially for me when I try to rationalize all my decisions.

This is my final two week painting for my figure painting class.  This canvas is about 2.5 by 3.5 feet. I went a little too orange in places, but besides that I am pretty happy with this painting.