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   Brown paper this time.  I like working with it because the paper feels like it is already worn in and I have no apprehension about being aggressive from the start.  I also find it easier to drastically revise things, which ultimately lead to simple and engaging drawings. Not that any of my drawings possess those […]

This is a bunch of plastic taxidermy models that we had to draw in class. The small four legged ones in the foreground are cats(?), the ones on the edges are horses heads, there is half a deer in the back, a dog on the right and two small pigs on the ground. I was […]

       These are studies for a large painting based on two very small found objects, in my case half a plastic clip for bread bags and a piece of blue candy wrapper. The assignment was to choose an existing painting that we found interesting and replicate a part of it while incorporating our objects. […]

     These are a few attempts at drawing water in the harbour. You can click to enlarge them. They were exercises in a class called Sensoryscapes. The best part of this assignment was being forced to concentrate on the harbour front for four hours. I saw ferries docking, sea gulls scavenging, mackerel schooling, tourists walking… […]