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Charcoal and acrylic paint on brown paper.  In class drawing.   Advertisements

Eggs in Space


   Shallow Space                              Deep Space                              Middle Space This project was aimed at learning how to organize space in a painting. We worked with model cities that were […]

  These are a couple studies that I will base a large painting off of. The models were instructed to take “active poses” that would be hard to hold so that they would move around a lot. This caused the drawings to became more about the feeling and gesture behind the pose rather than the […]

Rope Diptychs


          These two diptychs go further into exploring the pile of rope I found at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I used mono-printing techniques to transfer the image between sheets of paper and altered them with charcoal, red chalk and acrylic paint. These drawings are beginning to really depart from the […]

Pile of Rope


The above sketch was drawn in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic during class a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have been working from it in a variety of ways, trying to develop more interesting and expressive ways of describing it. The below drawings were done from right to left with ink wash and […]

It looks like I started this year with a bang… and confetti.  This painting is five by six feet and sets the record for the largest painting I have ever painted. Wahoo? The assignment was to find some tiny objects and integrate them into a painting that we liked. I chose one sort of like […]