On Snow Days



Last winter I took a series of pictures of people scrambling to dig themselves out the morning after a significant snowfall. I have been thinking about a painting that would borrow subjects from these photos and that would investigate the occurrence of a snow day.

As a child, snow days were a huge part of my winter and I was incredibly productive when they happened.  I would often follow the internet radar on the evening before a snowstorm and begin to plan my day in advance. I would stay outside until late at night getting things ready for the following morning.   The next day, I would wake up very early and begin work on whatever project I had in mind, even before I knew if school was actually cancelled. I was very influenced by Calvin and Hobbes at that point in my life and my goals often involved imitating one of Calvin’s gruesome creations. I would also create jumps for sleds, snow forts and castles etc.  Games such as two player tackle snow football was popular with my brother and I.

In addition to adoring the actual snow, I found the commotion that surrounded it’s presence fascinating. Snowplows, hired Bobcats, snowblowers, shovels, beeping trucks, crunching tires, and people commuting  all created a strange busyness that seemed to be thwarted by the calm blanket that muffled their agitated presence. I feel like the mechanical aspects of my experiences around snow days will feature prominently in any painting I do, because they contrast so nicely with the serenity of the snow.

It is unfortunate that snow days are currently seen as nuisances for schools who lose education time and for working parents who are forced to find alternative supervision for their children. Who knows, maybe they will get rid of snow days altogether. In any case, I feel the need to document my  individual experience of the snow day, which I see as a significant part of my childhood.


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