Yellow Christmas



I sketched this yesterday while I was waiting around outside the art gallery. It was a beautiful day and the sun was illuminating the bright yellow leaves that paved the sides of the road. It’s too bad that the christmas decorations are already up because it took away some of the rawness of fall. I think that christmas stuff should wait until early december.

Also, the occupiers appear to have left their stand in Grand Parade. I’m interested in what will happen next and wether they keep going without a central location.


2 Responses to “Yellow Christmas”

  1. This is a great sketch, very simple and fast but all of those loose contour lines rule. They simply rule.

    • 2 grunskm

      Thanks a lot! I used to be petrified of drawing with thick marker, but I am starting to love the immediacy of it. It forces you to generalize and simplify.

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