Eggs in Space



Shallow Space                              Deep Space                              Middle Space

This project was aimed at learning how to organize space in a painting. We worked with model cities that were created out of found materials, in my case egg cartons, and were assigned to create three paintings involving three ways of approaching space.

In the middle you can see the deep space painting. It is the most literal, uses correct perspective and looks the most like a typical landscape painting. On the right is the middle space painting in which we were supposed to emphasize the middle ground of the painting. I tried to do this by using low contrast cool colours in the foreground and warm contrasty colours in the middle. I also tilted up the ground by raising the horizon much higher than in the deep space painting. The final painting on the left is a shallow space painting, in which the ground does not recede at all from bottom to top. This painting is the most abstracted of the three because it is disorienting for the eyes. The egg shaped houses suggest that there is a ground, but the pattern, lack of horizon, and the scale of the houses from bottom to top suggest otherwise.  For me, the confusing aspect of the shallow space makes it the most interesting painting of the three.

Each painting is 3’3″ by 5′

Click to enlarge

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