Stacking Sculpture



I found a bucket of old rusty stamp cut wedge nails and played with them for a while this morning. This form was fairly easy to think of and simple to construct as the weight of the nails hold the structure together. The idea of this sculpture sort of follows the work of Richard Serra in that it is made out many identical pieces of metal with no physical fastenings between them. I see this sculpture being about 20 to 25 feet high and being placed in a courtyard somewhere.

Halifax is getting a new public library soon. It looks like it will be quite an interesting structure, especially for Halifax and it’s precious ‘historic’ buildings. There was a call for proposals for a public sculpture  to be placed on the grounds of the library, unfortunately the deadline is long passed and I am not qualified to submit an entry anyway.  It’s fun to think about what it might look like to have this sculpture on the grounds of the new library, especially because Halifax is in desperate need of a sculpture that isn’t a historic figure on a pedestal and could use something to provoke peoples imaginations. (also something kids can climb on)


2 Responses to “Stacking Sculpture”

  1. wow i love this~!
    simple and expressive~
    people who plays with what other people has thrown away is the coolest

    • 2 grunskm

      It’s always hard knowing what might be good to work with. The cleaning staff at school have a frustrating time figuring out what is art, and what is a pile of garbage.

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