Screen Print on paper.

11″x 14″

5 Responses to ““Thoughts””

  1. 1 lobsterboy

    I like this piece, lots of positive and negative space, I see different things in the shapes.


    • 2 grunskm

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

      It was part of my intention for the positive and negative shapes to be confused through high contrast and selective cropping. This piece was supposed to speak to my creative process and how I go about thinking, hence the title “thoughts”.
      My latest painting deals with similar subject matter, but in a different way.


  2. 3 Sara

    I like the black frame…wonder who suggested it ? 🙂
    You know I love it. I keep finding new things in the positive and negative shapes…many of them look like skeletons of different animals!

    • 4 grunskm

      Yes! I tried to organize the composition so that likenesses would be seen between the squares.
      I’m glad people are getting what I intended.

      It could indeed be from the black border. 🙂

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