Purple Flower


Watercolour painting  5″x 3.5″

These were some interesting flowers I found outside my house. I haven’t painted flowers for a while now. I don’t think I will get back into it even though I do like the organic shape of the leaves.


2 Responses to “Purple Flower”

  1. Any reason why you don’t paint flowers much?
    I think you’ve done a lovely job, these are beautiful flowers.

  2. 2 grunskm

    The thing about flowers is they are commonly associated with art that is aimed at people who don’t know how to appreciate art. Especially watercolours.
    If one can find their own way of representing flowers (I’m thinking Van Gogh, Monet etc.) then they become undeniable as art.
    There is definitely a certain stigma surrounding painting flowers.

    I’m glad you like mine though, and I do enjoy painting them as an excercise in looking.

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